After installing and activating the plugin successfully, The next step is to import the radio stations.

For import the radio stations, you need to click the Import Stations submenu under the Radio Stations main menu in your WordPress sidebar admin menu.

Now on the Import page, you will see two boxes. The left side box is the country list,  Where all the countries and the station number of the country are listed. The blue marked number on the right side of the country name is the station number of the country.

Import Radio Stations

Now, you have to select the countries, which station you want to import.

On the free version, you can’t select more than 20 countries from the available free countries.

After select any country, the country will move from the left box to the right box. All your selected countries will be listed on the right box.

After choosing the countries, click the Run Import button below the boxes to start the import.

Import Radio Stations

Then, the import will start.

The time to finish the import varies on the number of stations you have selected.  It will take some minutes if the selected station’s number is under 1000.  If the selected station’s number is bigger than 1000, then it may take about an hour.

So, you shouldn’t select more than 20 countries at once during the import. Select only one country if it has 1000+ station.

After Import has been finished, Then you can see all the imported stations by clicking the See all stations button.

Import Radio Stations.