You can add unlimited new radio station very easily.

For adding a new station you need to click the Add New Station submenu under the Radio Stations main menu.


Now on the station Add New Station page, you need to enter some information:

  • Enter the Radio Station name
  • Enter the Description, about the radio station.
  • Select the country.
  • Enter the genres related to the station separating by a comma.
  • Enter the URL or upload the logo of the Radio station.
  • Enter the Station information (Streaming URL, Social Links, Contacts) of the radio station.

All of the above steps are explained below:
You won’t able to see the country list in the country selection box If you didn’t import any station.

Therefore, you need to create a country manually from the Countries submenu under the Radio Stations main menu.

In the name field, you need to enter the name of the country. And, in the slug field, you must need to enter the country code of the country.

Add Country manually:


Now, in the station information area, you need to enter the streaming URL of the station, under the General Tab section, and if you want to make the station featured, turn on the featured station button.

In the Station references Tab, you need to select the language for the station. And, you need to enter the social links (Website, Facebook, Twitter, Wikipedia, youtube, etc) for the station

Now, in the Station Contacts Tab, You need to enter the contact information ( Address, Email, Phone, Fax, etc ) for the station.

After doing all the task, Now click the Publish Button to publish the station.